St. Jude Listening Survey

The religious and lay leadership of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church will implement a Listening Campaign over the next 6-8 months.

The purpose of this Campaign is to better understand what the OLG Faith Family believes are our strengths and what are our challenges. We will distribute surveys, conduct interviews and focus groups (if needed). The information gathered from each segment will direct our next steps. We should discover what is working and what needs improvement. The information will help the leadership meet the real and perceived needs of the OLG Faith Family, the people we serve and the community at large. We will present our findings at the end (late Summer 2015) and issue brief reports periodically throughout the process.

How can you help? Please complete surveys and participate in interviews or focus groups if invited. All surveys will be distributed in church (paper/pencil) and appear on the website. You can complete either format – whichever is most convenient. Thank you for your participation in the Listening Campaign segments. This is a cooperative effort to improve our church community.